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TJX Canada is offering TJXStylePlus rewards by signing up for a TJX card or by registering your existing card, both of which you can do online.

The TJX Canada STYLE+® is a free loyalty benefits program and TJXSTYLE+ card is not a credit card, it is a loyalty reward card that works by swiping the Style Plus loyalty card every time you make a purchase at Marshalls, HomeSense or  WINNERS stores.

TJX Canada owns three Big companies that are Winners, Homesense and Marshalls.

TJX companies sell goods globally to over 20,000 vendors in more than 100 countries. The company was founded in 1956 in the United States and as does mega yearly sales of around $27.42 billion across all countries.

Making a lot of families and individuals happy, the number of employees crossed over 270,000 and there’s is a great increase in the company’s stock since the 90s.

By providing great value to its customers the TJX is also known as leaders in innovation who keep testing new ideas and seeking the right categories.

We recommend you join TJX Style Plus rewards by simply signing up for a card or by registering your card online.

TJXStylePlus Prizes

  • 30 Day Returns
  • Dedicated Buyer Diary
  • Amazing Contests For Members Only
  • TJXSTYLE+ members can take more than one and maximum of 20 items into fitting rooms
  • You can get advanced tips on TJXSTYLEPlus Insider Page about fresh arrivals and exclusive content and you’ll get a first look at the latest trends before they arrive on TJX stores
  • Online Receipts for Purchase
  • 10% off Stitch It Discount

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TJXStylePlus Contests –

You can log in into the website and check out the TJX Style Plus contest dates and more information.

  • Each receipt counts as 1 contest entry
  • If you win, you must claim your prize before the date that will be mentioned on the contest website along with government-issued photo ID and your original receipt.
  • 1 winner will be chosen for the $2,500 grand prize

How to Join TJXstyleplus ca

Two simple methods with which you can make your entry

  1. Join With Card.
  2. Join Without Card.

Join With card registration

With the help of TJXstyleplus card joining with is very simple.

  • First of all, visit the official website of TJXStyleplus at
  • After that register yourself with your card.
  • Make sure you type all the required details in the required fields.

Join Without Card – TJX Style Plus

Don’t have a card? Still, you can join.

  • Visit the official website available at
  • Enter the tjxstyleplus 19 Digit style and Card Number.
  • Register yourself with a valid email address after that set up the new password.
  • Now according to the card, type your last and first name and then you have to write the postal code
  • Go through terms and condition points
  • Then click on the Register option
  • After that Collect your Digital card
  • Done! you’re ready to shop with the help of Digital Card
  • Make sure you keep the receipt every time you purchased with the tjxstyleplus card
  • After making purchases three times you can log in your Style+ account at
  • Type your receipt number and check what you won Homepage

The TJX style plus Canada homepage features that they are going to reopen their stores at many provinces that were closed during this COVID-19 pandemic. Also, on the right side a place to register your card, and a list of card benefits on the bottom.


TJXStylePlus Mobile Wallet

Now you can access your tjxstyleplus card on your mobile devices. Your mobile’s digital wallet allows Tjxstyleplus Loyalty members to access their STYLE+ card in their Apple Wallet app or Google Pay app on your devices.

When you add your TJX STYLE plus card on your mobile device then you don’t need a physical card and you won’t need a plastic STYLE+ loyalty program card. You can simply scan your loyalty card using your mobile at any Homesense, Marshalls or WINNERS store in Canada.

How to add TJXSTYLEPLUS Card on Mobile?

In order to download STYLE+ card, you must be on your mobile device. Simply follow these steps:

For Android Users:

  1. Make sure you have the “Google Pay” App installed on your mobile.
  2. Now Sign in to your TJXSTYLE+ account.
  3. Click the “Google Wallet” button to download your TJXSTYLEPLUS card.

For Apple Users:

  1. Make Sure that you have the “Apple Wallet” App installed if not then install it.
  2. Now Sign in to your TJX STYLE+ account.
  3. After that click the “Apple Wallet” button and download your STYLE+ card.

After downloading your TJX STYLE PLUS card it should appear in your “Google Pay” or “Apple Wallet” app. Now, what are you waiting for go to any WINNERS, Marshalls or HomeSense store and after your purchase simply scan your card through mobile.

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TJX Style Plus FAQS –

  • This TJX loyalty program can be used when you shop at participating  HomeSense, WINNERS or Marshall’s stores in Canada
  • In order to get loyalty points, you need to use your tjxstyleplus card when you complete each purchase
  • When forgot to give your TJX card to the associate after making your recent purchase, you can reach out here to check if you can get your purchase validated for points
  • Each TJX card must be associated with a unique email address
  • You can check your benefits in TJX Canada STYLE+® account
  • Benefits appear in your account after 72 hours or so by each purchase

Moreover, you can check Detailed FAQ’S HERE.

TJX Canada STYLE+® Loyalty Program Privacy Policy

Contact TJX Canada STYLE+®

Contact Online

Official Phone: 800 646-9466

Email Address:

Mailing Address: TJX Canada (WINNERS, HomeSense and Marshalls)



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