ExxonMobil Customer Survey Guide 2023 | Enter & Win $500 Gift Card Reward

ExxonMobil works on the phrase, ‘You spoke, we listened.’ ExxonMobil is thankful to all the participants of the 2018 Wholesale Fuels Customer Satisfaction Survey, which helped them improve customer experience. Now in 2023, the company wants to take customers’ feedback on their ExxonMobil customer survey.

That survey of 2018 helped them to learn where they could make improvements, and they took action where it was needed. ExxonMobil is an American multinational oil and gas company and a known chemical manufacturer. They want to track their progress now with the www.myexxonmobilvisit.com survey. 


If you have ever visited ExxonMobil or purchased something from them, then you must take this survey to share your most recent encounter with ExxonMobil and experience with them.

Every time you fill up or make a purchase at an ExxonMobil station, you develop an opinion about the company. ExxonMobil values that perception highly and wants to know if you are satisfied with its services and products in the online ExxonMobil Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Why Take an ExxonMobil Customer Survey?

Your opinion matters a lot, it will help the company to improve the quality of its products, and in return, you will get a chance to win a reward.

A survey helps the company better understand the customer’s needs and provide them with improved services for their next visit. For upcoming customers, it will help them to choose the best services and products from ExxonMobil that would meet their requirements.

ExxonMobil Natural Gas Company created the ExxonMobil Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.MyExxonmobilvisit.com to offer you great benefits like a $500 gift card reward.

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Eligibility Criteria For ExxonMobil Customer Survey

Here are some eligibility rules and regulations for the participants of the ExxonMobil customer feedback survey:

  • The participant must be a legal resident of the USA.
  • To enter, the age of the participant must be 18 years or above.
  • The per-person entry is limited to monthly.
  • Only one person can enter a single receipt at a time.
  • The transfer of reward is not allowed.
  • A participant cannot participate if he/she is an employee of the company.
  • The participant must complete the ExxonMobil customer survey within 14 days of the recent visit.
  • The company will not be responsible for any misguided or fake information filled by the customer in the survey, and that survey will be rejected.
  • The participant must have the receipt to take the ExxonMobil customer survey.

Needs and Requirements For ExxonMobil Customer Survey

There are some requirements that you have to fulfill to take part in the ExxonMobil customer feedback survey. These requirements are mentioned here:

  • Participants require the latest receipt from ExxonMobil Store.
  • The participant needs to have basic knowledge of English or Spanish.
  • Participants must have a valid email address.
  • An electronic device such as a mobile phone, smartphone, laptop, or Pc is required a reliable and strong internet connection.

How to Take ExxonMobil Customer Survey? Step By Step Process

Here are the steps. By following these steps, you can participate in the ExxonMobil customer survey at www.Myexxonmobilvisit.com and can successfully complete the survey.

  • Visit ExxonMobil customer Survey at the official website myexxonmobilvisit.com.
  • Then select the language of your choice, either English or Spanish.
  • Select the location of the ExxonMobil store you recently visited.
  • Then, click on Begin survey option to start the survey.
  • Now select the state, city, and ExxonMobil station.

exxonmobil customer survey

  • Select the type of your purchase from the options given; fuel only, fuel and something from the station, or something from the store only.
  • Start giving answers to some questions asked, honestly, based on your experience.
  • Rate the degree of satisfaction with the services, environment, cleanliness, etc., according to your visit experience.
  • Fill out the whole survey according to your experience and satisfaction level from a recent ExxonMobil visit.
  • When you are done and finished answering the questions, then, you have to enter your personal information details.
  • In the end, after the optional section of more suggestions and advice, you are supposed to fill in your name, contact number, and valid email address to complete this survey.
  • Submit your feedback to avail the chance to win a $500 gift card reward.

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About ExxonMobil Natural Gas Company

The Irving, Texas-based ExxonMobil Corporation is an international American oil and gas company. ExxonMobil is one of the biggest publicly traded energy companies and chemical producers in the world. It develops and employs cutting-edge technology to help responsibly and safely supply the world’s expanding need for energy and superior-quality chemical products.

ExxonMobil Product Solutions supplies the raw materials for a variety of commodities, including packaging supplies and plastic bottles, as well as synthetic rubber, solvents, and a wide range of consumer goods.

exxonmobil customer survey feedback

ExxonMobil has developed over the past 135 years from a local kerosene dealer in the United States to one of the biggest publicly traded petroleum and petrochemical companies in the world.

It was founded on November 30, 1999. The headquarters of ExxonMobil is situated in Irving, Texas, United States. Esso, ExxonMobil, Exxon, and Mobil are the four names under which ExxonMobil sells fuels, lubricants, and chemicals globally. Don’t forget to take the ExxonMobil customer survey to share your precious thoughts.

Contact Information

For assistance and inquiries, get in contact with our customer care representatives and technical help desk staff.

Phone: 1-800-243-9966

For questions about Gift Cards, contact us below or call 1-800-972-7481 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.) or 1-800-919-8646 (after hours).

Rewards and Gift Cards

exxonmobil feedback survey

The retailer offers a great chance to win a $500 gift card by participating in the ExxonMobil customer survey sweepstakes. In this manner, it will be beneficial for both the company and the customer.

ExxonMobil also offers gift cards as a gift of convenience on the go. Gift cards from ExxonMobil are a quick and easy way to buy gas, snacks, and other goods for on-the-go at more than 12,000 ExxonMobil stations nationwide.

They make thoughtful gifts for all occasions as well as for family and friends who enjoy traveling and road trips. They are also excellent for staff bonuses and company promotions.

Final Words

As you can see in this article, all the information about the ExxonMobil customer survey is provided to you guys. I hope you liked it and found it helpful to complete the feedback survey successfully.

This article included detailed guidelines about the survey and eligibility criteria, rules, and requirements needed for a participant to participate in this survey.

I hope this article will help you to take part in the online ExxonMobil customer satisfaction survey and make you able to win a $500 gift card reward. Similarly, Cabelas survey is also offering $500 Gift Card.

Avail of this fantastic offer and get a chance to win gift cards and exciting rewards. If you still have any queries or issues regarding the survey, you can leave a comment in the comment box.

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